The idea of “Dialogue” involves two experts with a leader who gives a brief feedback on the subject and proposes to the two experts questions for the discussion.

The people attending the Conference will have the opportunity to propose questions when they submit their proposals. The Dialogue leader will organize the questions to send the experts a summary of the main questions before the Conference. The leader will organize the Dialogue with the experts.

Dialogue 1

Tuesday, 10 JUL

Primary, Secondary and University pre-service physics teacher Education.
What scientific education is relevant for become physics teacher in a technological world?

Leader: Marisa MICHELINI
Invited speakers: Knut NEUMANN and Gabriela LORENZO

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Knut Neumann

Leibniz-Institute for Mathematics and Science

Dialogue 2

Wednesday, 11 JUL

The actual and potential impact of physics education research in students’ learning.
The complex relationship between research and practice: what can we do to reduce the gap?

Leader: Mieke DE COCK
Invited speakers: Jaume AMETLLER and Paula HERON

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