How to prepare your presentation

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Step 1: Access the private area

To access the Private Area you will have to go to the menu at the top right corner of the site. Enter those codes and click the button ENTER.

The manager of each contribution can already check the information about the date, time and room where the presentation will take place.

Step 2: Guidelines to prepare your presentation

Schedule of presentations are based on:

  • Single Oral Presentation:
    15 + 5 minutes for Q&A
  • Workshops:
    90 minutes
  • Symposium:
    90 minutes
  • Poster:
    5 minutes, maximum 5 slides

Presentations will have to be saved in power point or pdf. Rooms are equipped with projector, screen, laptop PC, lectern with microphone and laser pointer. If you send it in ppt format, presentation should be saved as 2016 version.

Step 3: Send the presentation

To avoid last minute problems and in order to have all the presentations in each room uploaded in advance, we would highly appreciate it if you could upload the presentation file through the Private Area of each Manager by before 5th July, this will help with the organizing process.

Note: all the rooms are equiped with a computer and we inform you that the powerpoint version these computers have is 2016 or older.

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