How to send an abstract

All participants wanting to attend the Conference must fill the following registration form:

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Step 1: Pre-registration

Every person wishing to access the Private Area of the Conference site must pre-register. A registration form including your personal details, a user and a password must be filled.

Go to Private Area form

Once this step is done, you can access your Private Area and do different actions related to your attendance to the Conference, such as make your registration official, submit your abstract or make a hotel booking, for example.

Please note that filling the pre-registration form does not mean your registration is official; to do so, you will have to fill the Registration form itself in your Private Area.

Step 2: Access to the Private Area

Once you are pre-registered, you will receive an email back confirming your User and Password.

To access the Private Area you will have to enter those codes in the box on the upper right corner in the site and click the button LOGIN.

Step 3: Send your abstract

Official languages to present abstracts is English.


In this form you will have to write the title of your abstract, the details of the author and co-authors.

The 1st author or the manager will find the Paper Template in the Private Area. Otherwise you can download it here:

The author or manager must use this template for submitting the papers.

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