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Marisa Michelini


Udine University

Marisa Michelini is full professor in physics education in Udine University, Italy, where she is rector delegate for Didactic Innovation and responsible of the Research Unit in Physics Education (URDF). She is president of GIREP, director of the Italian University Consortium GEO, committee member of the Multimedia Physics Teaching and Learning (MPTL), board member of EPS-PED division and honorary member of the Italian Association for Physics Teaching (AIF). Responsible of 7 EU Projects on physics education, she is head of the Italian series Projects IDIFO carried out from 2006 till today, involving 18 Universities and INFN for the Innovation in Physics Teaching and guidance on modern physics, being Director of 5 biannual Master’s program and 6 specialization courses focused on the teachers formation. She carried out 46 projects on physics and teacher education at national level as scientific responsible in Italy and was responsible of 8 projects at regional level. Research activity is in two fields: Electrical transport properties in thin films and Physics Education, with continuity from 1976, having research responsibility on the following lines: A) Curricular Research to build vertical paths and study learning progression. Educational paths on thermal and optical phenomena, study of motion, electromagnetism, quantum mechanics and superconductivity. B) Design Based Research to study way to overcome learning knots and ICT role in learning processes. C) Empirical research on learning processes and developing formal thinking. D) R&D. Innovation in physics teaching/learning developing original proposals for Lab activities integrated in vertical paths; E) Informal learning, Inquiry Based Learning and CLOE-Conceptual Labs for Operative Exploration in bridging common sense ideas with scientific one. F) Teacher Education. G) Model for School-University cooperation and institutional way for co-planning instruction and relative supports. More than 660 publications selected by referees, on books and journals, 257 of which in English.


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