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GIREP Invited Workshop

IOLab—Computer-Based Distance Learning Laboratories in Mechanics Based on RealTime Physics

University of Oregon

The IOLab is a versatile, relatively inexpensive, wireless data acquisition device. It is self-contained in a cart that can roll on its own wheels, and it includes an optical encoder that measures motion quantities. In this active learning workshop, participants will work hands-on with the IOLab and a series of introductory labs in mechanics designed for distance-learning (DL) that are based on RealTime Physics. These labs have been tested in several Colleges and Universities.

GIREP Invited Workshop

Practitioners inquiring IBL in a learning group as sustainable professional development
How to do your own inquiry to improve your own practice on IBL, in and with a group of professional peers.

Pedagogical advisor for PBDKO, Belgium

The workshops guide participants through steps of a practitioner inquiry, and all together form a coherent professional development activity. Via protocols the workshop leader manages to let people exchange ideas and suggestions for each other’s’ inquiry, in every step of the inquiry process. These protocols – active learning strategies for participants are also usable for active and peer learning of students.

MPTL Invited Workshop

Bungee, Beer, Bobsledding, Bouncing Balls, Bouncing Gait and (Usain) Bolt

CMA Amsterdam

Powerful ICT tools facilitate high school students to perform realistic and authentic research projects. Such projects are very much motivating students for further study of STEM-subjects, mainly because it gives them an experience of being a scientist.

In the Netherlands, most schools use the Coach learning environment, as well in Physics as in Biology and Chemistry. In many schools the use is integrated in regular teaching and also in textbooks references to possible activities are made. Furthermore in the national examinations student abilities with sensor-based measurements and with modelling are assessed.

EPS Invited Workshop

Expensive gamma- ray spectrometers for education and outreach

University of Copenhagen, Niels Bohr Institute, Denmark

This workshop will provide participants with hands on experience assembling and using an extremely low cost gamma ray spectrometer. Results from our teaching and outreach labs will be discussed.

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